About the Team

Our team is made up of around 40 students from mechanical and civil engineering, management, and science programs. There are four sub-groups with our team: Concrete Design, Financial, Superstructure Design, and Technical Interaction, each lead by one or two of our Team Executives. Our members range from 1st to 6th year.

GNCTR is a themed competition, and each team picks a new theme every year. In 2015 we were hippies and designed a VW Bus styled toboggan. 2016 saw us as Gold Miners, our toboggan was shaped like an underground mining cart. For the 2017 competition, our toboggan was designed like a viking long boat (our longest toboggan yet!).

Concrete Design: The concrete team takes on the challenge of determining the optimal mix of materials for the design of our sled. Many mixes and designs are tested before we settle on the best materials and pour our concrete skis.

Finance: The finance team puts together our sponsorship package and acquires donations from industry sponsors.  This team also balances our books and keeps track of all our spending.  This team is one of our most important since the sponsorship we receive are what make it possible to build the sled and enter the competition!  Big thanks to everyone who sponsored us last year and a big thanks to those who are helping us achieve our goals this year!

Superstructure: The superstructure/substructure team is in charge of designing the frame, steering and braking parts of the sled. The superstructure team must safely fit five fearless people, steer with precision and brake with immense force! This is what we work so hard for!

Technical Interaction: The TI team is in charge of coming up with the elements for our tech ex. They construct our crate, design our tech display, and also create the costumes that our team will wear during the competition. They are also in charge of spearheading the spirit challenges put out by the spirit judges!

Want to learn more about our team? Check out our history on the Past Years page!


One response to “About the Team

  1. I am so excited about going back to BIG WHITE! I was there in 1982, working out of Vernon and never thought I’d go again, but I’m in. You are a wild team and will be crazy hosts. I am definitely not going to miss this one!
    Tim Quinlan
    Logistics Decisions

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